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Craft Winemaking

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Craft Winemaking

At Grapes 2 Wine, craft winemaking is easy, fun and affordable. We help our clients make their own high quality wines on our premises. Our customers have been crafting their wine with us in Richmond since 1990 so you’re sure to have success. It’s the best place to make your wines in the Lower Mainland.

Whether it’s your first craft winemaking experience or you’re a long-time customer, you can rely on our knowledge to guide you. We’ll help you select the wines that are right for you because we take the time to learn what you like. For instance, knowing what you like to eat means we can suggest wine pairings.


The Wines

When you make your own wines with us, we guarantee you’ll be happy with them. Compare to wines at 2-4 times the cost and you’ll be hooked because our wines stand out at blind tasting parties. Homemade wines of the past have been associated with terms like “too sweet’, “gritty” or “plonk”. Our products are engineered by some of the top wine producers in the world so times have changed. For instance, products are sourced from the world’s best vineyards. Some come with oak chips or cubes which simulate the aromas and flavours of barrel aging. Check out our WINES page for the extensive selection we have to offer.

You can select anything from budget friendly to high quality wines because there’s something for everyone! We offer four categories: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze which have a great selection of varietals and blends to choose from.


The Experience

Our store qualifies as an RJS Craft Winemaking Academy member. We earned it because we are committed to providing the ultimate craft winemaking experience to every customer. Getting started is easy. First we’ll help you choose a wine that will suit your taste. Once chosen, it takes about ten minutes to prepare your wine. Then, after 4 to 8 weeks, you come back and bottle your very own wine! Bottling takes about 30 minutes per batch. We feel that making your wine should be as pleasant as drinking it! Check out our ABOUT page to find out more.


The Specials

Every month, we’ll advertise specials so be sure to check our SPECIALS page at the beginning of each month. If you’re interested in being added to our monthly email list, use our CONTACT page to let us know.


Wedding Wines

If you’re planning a large event, you’ll be keen to know about our WEDDING WINES. Our packages are designed to save you money so they’re perfect for larger family events. We’ll help you choose delicious wines that won’t break your budget. Check out our FAQ page to learn more about aging your wine once it’s bottled.


The Blog

Our BLOG covers all kinds of topics about crafting wine, food pairing, cooking with wine and also other wine-related topics. One series takes you on a journey through the top wine-producing regions of the world. Another series is on wine tasting which is guaranteed to surprise and enlighten.


The Community

We live in a very special community and are happy to support local fundraisers for charitable causes. It’s heartwarming to know we make a difference so the lives of others can be better. If you’re looking for a donation to a fundraiser, check out our COMMUNITY page.


Craft Winemaking Testimonials

See what our customers say about their craft winemaking experience at Grapes 2 Wine.


Incredibly Friendly, Goes the Extra Mile

Just an incredibly friendly place from the first time I spoke with Marianne on the phone. Such great service, very knowledgeable. With such a difficult year for us all during COVID Mark really goes the extra mile. We highly recommend this great store.


Jean W

Love the Price Point

Great selection of wines. If your getting married you can have wedding labels put on to make your bottles custom. Great ideas for gifts too. Customer friendly!!!


Nancy C

Super Friendly, Reasonable Prices, Super Fun

We came here to help my friend bottle 300 wine for their wedding. The place is medium-sized and its got everything you need there with different stations. You do everything yourself starting from washing bottles, filling the bottles, corking, and foiling. The lady there was super friendly and patient and taught us how to do everything step by step. They charge a reasonable price for their wine. This was definitely a new but super fun experience for me. I highly recommend a bunch of friends to do this fun activity together. The place is clean and well-kept. Parking available outside.


Jessica M

Fantastic Place, Wonderful Staff

For such a small frontage, there’s a lot of space on the inside for all the equipment. There’s a few other items I wish they had, but generally almost everything I might want is there, and I can get by with substitutions. Fantastic place, and still shopping online after moving out of province. Wonderful staff too.


Thomas P


Knows Craft Winemaking

After trying 4 other wine making stores in Vancouver we were relieved to find Mark.  He actually knows what he is doing and the results show it.


Neil R


Tastes Amazing!

Super easy process and the wine tastes amazing!!


David L

Craft Winemaking - Happy Customers

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