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Staying Connected


Today, it’s more important than ever to be staying connected with friends, family and the community. We’re so fortunate that technology can help us do this in the safest way possible. Whether it’s meeting virtually, sharing on social media platforms, talking on the phone, texting or going for a walk in the neighbourhood, we can do it. Not only does it lift our spirits to stay connected, it’s also good for our mental health and well-being. You can even incorporate walking into it to stay physically fit!

I want to share with you some ways we’re staying connected. We’re actually seeing our kids, grandkids and friends who live in other cities, provinces and also countries more often!


Virtual Friends’ Brunches

Four households of friends used to take turns hosting a pot luck brunch once a month. Now, we meet virtually and do the same thing except each group makes their own brunch. We started doing this early on in the pandemic and haven’t really missed a step in each other’s lives as well as our extended families. One of the most wonderful things that’s come out of it is that friends who live 500 km away in the US can also be a part of it.


Virtual Chat Walks

Four of us ladies who worked together for many years used to do a lot of walking together during lunch breaks. Now we all meet once a week online for a walk and chat session. There’s never been a shortage of things to talk about with us and that hasn’t changed one bit.


Virtual Happy Hours

A few couples we met on vacation have remained great friends and vacation companions. Now that vacations are on hold, we have an online happy hour every once in a while. It’s great to catch up because none of us live near enough to see each other very often.


Virtual Dinners

A bunch of us used to regularly go to dinner and the theatre. Because dinner and the theatre are ‘off the table’ during the pandemic, we’re having dinners online. For the inaugural one, I sent out a recipe for us all to try. We got dressed up and celebrated being together just like we were out for dinner before the show.


Virtual Wine Tastings

For virtual wine tastings, 3 or 4 households can select a DIY wine from their cellar and meet somewhere to exchange them. Make the pairings as simple or complex and the group wants. As you enjoy your first 3 or 4 sips of each wine, make notes about aromas, flavours, body and sweetness. Then, compare notes with everyone else. It’s fun to hear everyone’s impressions, especially since all our taste buds are unique. It’s also a great way to find out if there are other wines you may want to make.


Staying Connected with Customers

It’s important for us to stay connected with our customers too. We’re using social media platforms more than ever and continue to send emails at least once a month. We also offer a free online course for those interested in learning a bit more about craft winemaking. Believe me, there’s a lot more to it than we knew before we bought the business.

These ideas are easier than you might think to make happen. It just takes a bit of time to agree on a date and make it happen. In fact, with no commute and only having to cook for two, it’s super easy! No designated driver or housecleaning is required either.

Think about what you can do over the holidays to stay connected and stay safe.


I look forward to hearing your ideas for staying connected.



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