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Staying Connected More


Let’s explore some creative New Year’s resolutions that will help us by staying connected more! Here are some ways to exercise your mental and emotional health muscles through staying connected with family and friends. You’ll be so glad you did this.


Game Night


Host a games night with friends. Download an online murder mystery, plan a trivia night or share a screen and play virtual games together. Everyone can have their own appetizers and wines or you can plan a porch drop. Pack a small bag with game pieces or instructions. Tuck in a bottle of one of your DIY wine and some tasty treats to add to a charcuterie board.


Movie Night


Watch movies together but separately. Whether it’s musicals with your best friends, a suspense drama series with dad or last year’s top Oscar pics with neighbours. Wrap yourself in your coziest sweater and plan a low-key viewing party. Hop on a video call, a chat or a conference line then cue the movie, grab the snacks, pour the wine and let everyone press play at the same time. The commentary and critique will ensue, and we bet this will be your new favourite way to catch a flick.


Baking Day


Bake together and change “let’s meet for coffee” into “let’s bake something together.” With the video call on the kitchen counter, chop, chat and catch up while doing the prep. If you don’t have a recipe to share, watch an online baking class together.


Stay Connected More by Planning


With winter underway, now is the time to get some virtual get-together dates on the calendar and start planning. This is a great way to commit and follow through with family and friends.


Cheers to staying connected more!

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