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We love where we live and work so we’re proud to participate in supporting community fundraisers. It’s heartwarming to know we can make a difference so the lives of others can be better. Therefore, it’s one of our corporate values and every one of our staff are involved in volunteering.


Supporting Community Fundraisers

Are you holding a fundraiser? We’re happy to support the arts, dry grads, education, humanitarian trips, health initiatives, sports teams and more.

Our gift toward a winemaking experience can be used as a door prize, raffle draw or in a silent auction. We’ll donate a $50 gift certificate toward a fundraising event that is for a charitable cause. These gift certificates are unique so they’ll definitely catch the eye of event attendees.

Community Fundraising - Donation Bottle

We’re delighted to help make local charitable events a success.

First, send us a letter or email that includes:

  • name of the registered charity or the fact that it is a non-profit society
  • registration number, if applicable
  • date of the fundraiser
  • what the money raised will be used toward
  • contact name, phone number and email address

Second, our gift certificate bottle will be prepared and will also have the following attached to it

  • Our price list
  • A wine brochure

Also, our logo will be emailed to you so you can use it in your recognition program.

We have a policy for supporting community fundraisers that limits donations to once per year per charity. You don’t have to be a customer to ask for a donation, therefore, just use our CONTACT page to make an inquiry.  We’ll review the request and if it’s approved, you’ll receive a call when it’s ready for you to pick up.