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Enjoy getting to know us through pictures in our photo gallery.

We’ve got free customer parking right in front of the shop.

Mark and Marianne will make you feel so welcome, you’ll instantly feel like family. They’ve got a wealth of knowledge about wines from all around the world so they’re well equipped to answer any of your questions. They’ve also tasted most of our wines and can therefore guide you to making the right decisions for you.

That’s right, this is a happy place, maybe the happiest in Richmond! After all, when you’re running out of wine, you’re happy to start another batch. When you bottle a batch, you get to taste it and if you bring along some cheese, crackers and sausage, it becomes a party!

Gallery - Awards
Gallery - Fermentation
Gallery - Bottle Filling
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Gallery - Bottle Shrink Capping
Gallery - Bottle Labelling